I Was Never A Boy Scout

by Dingus.

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released October 28, 2015

Written by Kody Sullivan, Nicholas Abel, Mike G, Howard Christopher Lord II

Album artwork and design by Mike G

Recorded and mixed by: Ryan Coen



all rights reserved


Dingus. Chicago, Illinois


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Track Name: Ha Ha, Then What... ;)
i'm letting my hair grow long down past my eyes and my ears
every body part you recognize, every limb you've held onto for years
this is just a simple action with a gravity you can't deny
it's in the way i'm going out with friends
it's in the way the sun sets in your eyes

i'm not responsible for making you feel anything
so if i'm not at home, well i'll be around,
just don't go looking for me

you caught me in a nervous breakdown
you caught me with some scissors in my hands
i'm breaking all my promises
i'm losing everything i am
truth is that i'm not going anywhere,
some days it kills me just to speak
replay your every movement,
i'll watch you like a cutout movie scene
don't tell me that you're doing better,
just let me miss you from afar
and I will learn to adapt to the distance,
I will drive with no one in my car

if it gets to be too heavy
i will scream until i spit out both my lungs
i will stare into the deep, dark nothing
until i vaguely see the sun

i'm not responsible for making you feel anything
we're fucked and alone
i'm not happy or sad, i'm just not anything
Track Name: Loser
i'll catch you later
or maybe not
i forgot that i'm a bug and you're a bird
while you have wings, i'm in the dirt
waiting to get stepped

you call me a loser
laugh at my basement skin
i drink alone every night
and tell my friends i'm staying in again,
oh wait, i'm dead, i have no friends

i'm such a loser man
but hey at least i'm trying
i'm only good for playing dead
well hey i guess Connor's right
the city bus is surfing past, i really am no one
Track Name: Jack Campbell (Quick Jammer)
i pull from cigarettes and short breaths
you say you want me to speak but i got no words
it's all just smoke and noise
you use your distant voice

on a telephone
pretty sure all my friends r ghosts
watched you walk through the wall
woulda tried to catch ya
didn't wanna fall

is this what it comes down to
is this where we're at
sorry if i tried to help u
you know i'm always too late for that

you pull my skin back
you can look inside
is it appealing
the things i like to hide
is this what it means
to be drunk and 19

got nobody to care
but i like it that way
a ghost with no one to haunt
afraid of empty space
Track Name: Trash
i'm told a lot of things i know aren't right
i never know who's my friend
they always end up smoking outside

i know you went to catholic school
and you never had your head spin
lets burn some trash outside your house
and throw all the people in it

i always make it clear that i don't lie
it's okay if i don't count the white ones, right?
everybody tells a white lie

lets burn some trash
Track Name: Puke
who would want to be with a guy like me
i'm skinny, i'm clumsy, i'm just so embarrassing
as you can see i don't have that much to offer to you
but something about you has made me fall in love w you

so i go to parties in hopes of talking to you
and when we're there i drink a lot to try and look cool
i'm so dumb and too drunk, about to puke all over you
you don't know how bad i wish i was that other dude

i'm still dumb and still drunk, about to puke all over you
you don't know how bad i wish i was that other dude.
Track Name: Puke, Part Two.
ur at a party
you are drinking cause you're cool
i washed all my clothes out
they started to smell just like you
been meaning to tell you
you don't have to try so hard
whenever i see you
don't wanna hear how you fell apart

it's been fourteen days
i'm wide awake
too tired to care
to restless to stay in one place

you're in his car now
probably fucked out of your mind
i'm keepin it cool now
can't see straight and i don't know why
you and ur choker
you and your perfect sense of pride
you know i'm defeated
i can't let you win this time